Canton Youth Soccer Association was founded in the 1980's by a group of parents interested in promoting the most popular sport in the world. Starting with a handful of children at is conception, Canton Youth Soccer now provides recreational, and travel
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register in a soccer program to attend assessments?

YES!!!  You must be registered in the travel soccer program in order to attend assessments.  Please contact the registrar if you have any further questions about this.


What do I need to bring to travel team assessments?

Shin guards are required.  Cleats and plenty of water are highly recommended.   Parents must bring a  COPY of child’s birth certificate if this is their first time playing on a travel team (or upload it during registration). Do not bring the original birth certificate, photocopies only please.


When are travel team assessments?

Assessments will be held on Sunday, June 10th and Monday, June 11th from 5:30-8:30pm. We have reserved Tuesday, June 12th as a rain date.  There will be only 1 date/time per age group.  Players should arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled timeslot to check-in and warm up.

The tentative time slots for the teams are as follows.  Please note, that we may need to adjust the schedule based on registration numbers.  We recommend reserving both days on your calendar.  Click the link below for the assessment schedule:

Travel Assessment Schedule


Why are some assessment timeslots based on birth year and others based on grade?  What about the new US Youth Soccer age mandate?

Our Canton travel teams have traditionally been grade-based.  As many of you are aware, CJSA (Connecticut Junior Soccer Association) has decided to follow US Youth Soccer in aligning age groups with the calendar years.  Canton Youth Soccer followed the required  new age mandate for our fall 2016 season for our travel league and will continue to do so.  During the transition years, we have discussed at length how best to adhere to the mandate while being mindful of the impact it has on the returning players and teams.  

For this year, any new travel teams formed will be based strictly on birth year.  For our older teams, we will conduct assessments based on grade as has been done in the past.  Please note that with such small numbers in Canton, it may be necessary to combine age groups and/or move players up based on age or ability in order to form teams within the new age restrictions.  Ultimately, the team age must be determined by the age of the oldest player placed on the roster. 

It is our goal to be both flexible and practical in our approach so that placements are based on what is developmentally appropriate for each player and in the best interest of the teams and program as a whole.  This is no small task and we hope parents will be supportive as we transition our players and teams through the process.  If you have specific questions regarding your player or the assessments this year, please email the registrar at or the travel coordinator at   


What if I want my child to play on a team an age above their birth year, play up with an older team?

We ask that parents send an email to asking for this request.  Please note that this means that a child must attend TWO assessments, unless the age groups are combined.  They must attend their age appropriate assessment as well as the age above.  

For example, a child who is born in 2008 who may want to play with the U12 team, must attend the assessments for the U11 (2008) team as well as the U12 (2007) team.  The player will be assessed on both levels of play.


Who will be the coach of the team?

Coaches and assistant coaches will be assigned to rosters after assessments and player assignments are completed.  Anyone interested in coaching a team, should fill out the Fall Volunteer Registration Form available by clicking Register Online on our website.  Volunteers MUST fill out this form each year and indicate their interest in coaching.


Do I have to register first to attend assessments?

Yes, this allows us to better prepare for assessments as well as verify age/grade eligibility. You may register without paying if you choose to do so. If you are selected for a team, you will need to sign back on and update your registration with payment. Players cannot be rostered to the team until registration is complete and payment received. Click on Register Online for more information.

Why do I have to provide a copy of my child’s birth certificate?

CYSA is required to verify age of travel players by reviewing and then submitting a copy of your child’s birth certificate to our District Registrar. If this is your first time playing travel soccer, you will be prompted to upload a copy during registration if you’d like to submit it electronically. You may also bring a paper copy to assessments. You only need to submit the birth certificate the first year that you play travel soccer. Copies of birth certificates, both electronic and paper, are destroyed once the age-verification process is complete.

Who will be conducting the player assessments and what will the format be? 

Independent evaluators will be used to score the assessments. Players should plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled timeslot to allow time for check-in (pre-registration is required). Players should be dressed ready to participate, cleats are recommended and shin-guards are required. Bring plenty of water.  Assessments will include a warm-up, technical drills, small-sided games, and wrap-up.

When/how will I be notified as to placement on a team?

Decisions regarding team rosters will be made as soon as possible and every effort will be made to notify all players within two weeks. Any registration fees not yet paid will be due upon notification of placement on the team. In addition, a copy of the player’s birth certificate will need to be submitted to the registrar if not done so already. Finally, a uniform order will need to be placed. All registration and uniform orders MUST be completed by July 1st.

If you are on a team one year, does that guarantee a spot for future years?

No. Kids develop at different rates and each year assessments are a fresh look. This also allows new kids in town or kids who didn’t play on a travel team previously to get a fair shot. Actually, most teams have many different players at U14 compared to those who were on the team at U10.

What if I am not placed on a travel team?

The Farmington Valley League (FVL) is a hybrid recreational/travel program in which teams play against local towns such as Avon, Simsbury, Harwinton, etc.  The focus in this league is on player development.  Any players not placed on a travel team will automatically be rostered to the Farmington Valley League for the fall season.  This assures that all those who want to play, have a place to play.  If your child does not want to play in the Farmington Valley League, a full refund of registration fees will be given.

I still have questions, who can I contact?

The coordinators this year for travel assessments are CYSA Board Members, Chris Weller, Amanda Mainville, and Jim Potter.  Their contact information is listed under Board Contacts. Registration specific questions can be directed to  Specific questions regarding the travel league can be directed to Travel Coordinator, Jim Potter, at    You may also submit any questions, comments, or concerns using our Feedback form.